Spain is the largest producer of air-dried-cured ham and its inhabitants are the number one consumes in the world: every Spaniard eats about 5 kg of cured ham per year. Spanish ham is known and loved for its top quality worldwide.

There are two main varieties that are produced and consumed in Spain: Serrano ham and Iberian ham, the denomination depends on the pig the ham comes from and also on how it is fed and processed. Iberian ham comes from the Iberian pig, which is original from the Iberian Peninsula. This kind of pig is allowed to move freely in the forest and also to feed naturally. The curing process takes around a year, in general, but it depends on the ham producers. Iberian ham is classified by the pig’s feeding. Serrano ham, also known as “white ham”, comes from white pigs. The ham is cured in cold and dry mountain climates. Because of this the ham is served uncooked and in thin slices. This kind of ham is classified according to the length of the curation; the longest period, the better quality.

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Jamones Don Saturnino

Don Saturnino is a family-run company, founded in 1948, that produces and elaborates the tastiest products from the Iberian Pork. The company’s facilities are located in Guijelo (Salamanca), in northwestern Spain. Don Saturnino’s porks live in the pasture where they eat bellotas (fruit from the oak tree) that gives their ham a really peculiar taste. The artisanal tradition of different generations is what makes Don Saturnino’s products so good and special.