Oleicola Jaen

Oleicola Jaen is family-owned company, founded in 1982, in the province of Jaen, - a place, famous for its lands and climate that are highly favourable to olive oil production. Company dedicated to produce high quality of olive oil, whose olives come from different parts of the province - Baeza, Úbeda, Linares, Mancha Real, Las Escuelas and others. During the years Oleicola Jaen has gone through continuous innovation process, technology improvement and growth of it's facilities. The company was one of the pioneer olive oil mills in installing an oil production system with the hammer mills, beaters/thrashers, decanters and centrifuges.


Main advantages of Oleicola Jaen:


Laboratory. Oleícola Jaén possess its own laboratory within the same facilities, it is registered and certified by the Government of Andalusia. The analyses which are carried out are the fat yield and moisture of the olive using the Soxhlet (certain way of extraction) method, and acidity of the oil.

Production process of all virgin olive oils is a 100% natural process, given that the oil extraction procedures are carried out using mechanical procedures only. 


Modern and Eco-friendly technologies. Energy efficiency, waste disposal and continuous respect for the environment has been amobgst the top company priorities for a long time. 

Agricultural Engineers. Oleícola Jaén has a team of highly qualified engineers to ensure that all the processes held, such as pruning, irrigation, fertilisers, treatments, harvesting etc - are being constantly monitored.


There are three main product lines of Oleicola Jaen - a ''Family range'', ''Monovarital range'' and ''Special range''. Below you will find more information about each spedific kind, with pictures, description and packing info. 

The Family Range is a must in every kitchen. It's a quality extra virgen olive oil, light and sweet, ideal for breakfasts and cooking. It will lend dishes a great flavour and will be perfectly beneficial for your health. Available in the following types of packaging:


Monovarietal range. This selection includes the early harvest extra virgin olive oil with four varietal oils: Frantoio, Arbequina, Picual and Oragnic Picual. Each variety has different fruits, certain combinatation of olives and other nuances. Those four olive oils are ideal to be consumed raw, in salads, mayonnaises, cold tomato soups, pasta. The arbequino and Frantoio oils are the smoothiest, and the Picual - the most intense one. 

Our Special range - is the highest quality selection, that consists of premium quality olive oil, collected in the first days of harvest, in early October. This product comes with a special packaging, which pays tribute to the city of Baeza, where company's majority of products are coming from. The motif on the glass is the graph, insipired by the relief on the beautiful stairway of the Jabalquito Palace of Baeza which was declared a World Heritage in 2003. 

The bottled olive oil of the Special range is an early harvest olive oil of the variety of Picual olives. It is ideal to be consumed raw, or with fishes, meat, pasta or other products.