Spanish ceramics tile, along with the Italian, is considered being the best in the world. This is truth for Spain due to very simply reason - Arabs, that invaded Spain in 8th century, brought the craft of tiles production to Spain, and even since, Spaniards overtook it and were developing, improving and mastering it it for many centuries. So, when other countries started to produce it, Spain had a history in it long time. Main characteristics of Spanish tiles:

Quality - during the recent years, ceramic tiles industry have undergone major developments. The tile industry’s investments have led to the appearance of outstanding products, that offer maximum quality and meet all technological standards.

Resistance & durability - ceramic tiles offer perfect levels of durability in buildings, thanks to their resistance to temperature changes, damp, chemical and biological agents, as well as their hardness and scratch resistance. They are an extremely popular choice for use on façades, in public spaces, shopping malls, promenades and avenues.

Hygienic & ease to use - ceramic tiles are very easy to clean and they are highly resistant to dirt and all types of contamination. You simply wipe a damp cloth over the tile, and in case if it is stained with dirt or grease, - use cleaning agents such as a detergent or bleach can be used. Also, the fact that ceramic is an electrical insulator means that the tiles repel electrically active atmospheric dust, thereby contributing to a more pleasant environment.

Low Maintanance - once laid, ceramic tiles do not require any type of maintenance apart from normal cleaning.

Anti-allergic - The inert and impermeable nature of ceramic tiles helps to prevent damp from forming (a factor, which contributes to the development of colonies of germs and fungi).

Traffic - Spanish ceramic paving today offers a series of technical properties that make it a high performance material that is ideal for use in high traffic outdoor areas that are exposed to considerable levels of wear, tear and low temperatures. These products are non-slip, frost and stain resistant, also highly resistant to heavy blows. Known as ‘high traffic flooring’, they are used in buildings, large constructions and major architecture projects.

Eco-sustainable - Only three of nature’s basic elements are used in the production of ceramic tiles: earth (clay), water and fire. They are highly resistant to wear and tear, and can therefore reach highly sustainable and lengthy life cycles. Also, the use of ceramic tiles on façades (ventilated façades) and roofs guarantees major energy savings.

Non-slip - Ceramic paving offers finishes (without affecting their aesthetic properties) to ensure high performance non-slip surfaces.

Versatility - Ceramic tiles are highly versatile and can be adapted to any surface. Laying the tiles in one direction or another and mixing and matching formats and colours allow to create the unique spaces. The various layout patterns, textures and volumes allow for a countless range of options and truly spectacular results.

Warmth - the beauty and smoothness of ceramic tiles are perfect for any season.

Mixing & matching with other materials - combining ceramic tiles with other materials and decorative elements such as steel, glass, paper, paint, fabrics, leather and mirrors leads to an endless number of possibilities, creating attractive and unique settings.

Luminocity - light takes on form and body in ceramic tiles, which mould and shape its presence. The gloss and metallic effects of ceramic tiles allow for clever plays of light, adding a sense of depth, space and movement, bringing spaces to life.

Below we present companies we collaborate with in selling and exporting hundreds of different types of tiles.

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ALEA Ceramica

ALEA Ceramica is a tile manufacturer that specializes on ceramic surfaces in 3D. Company creates products with great technical and aesthetic value that comes from the imagination of the most daring designers and new decorative trends. ALEA Metal line defines texture and design by applying a single coating of titanium as a differentiating element of each product. ALEA Colours line supposes a clear trend topic towards neutral ceramic tiles, where timlessness is a key to design. This is a solution that offers wide range of colours, where you can choose a monocromatic version or to mix and match unnumbered creative combinations. 

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CAS Ceramica

CAS Ceramica - is a large tile production with an almost a century years of history (was established in 1920), and is located in Onda, Castellon. It's decorative tiles reach intensity relieves and textures only to be achieved thanks to the combination of secret craftmasnhip and the benefits of new technologies. Desing of many of the CAS collection is done by famous tiles designer David Carson. In CAS you can find any type of decorative ceramic tiles - for floors, walls, porches - whether for inside or outside decoration.