CAS Ceramica

CAS Ceramica - is a large tile production with an almost a century of history (was established in 1920) and is located in Onda, Castellon. It's decorative tiles reach intensity relieves and textures only to be achieved thanks to the combination of secret craftmasnhip and the benefits of new technologies. Design of many of the CAS collection is done by famous tiles designer David Carson. In CAS you can find any type of decorative ceramic tiles - for floors, walls, porches - whether for inside or outside decoration. 

Main characteristics:

- all tiles comes in three different sizes: 15 (15*15), 20 (20*20) and 40 (15*40).

- unique caliber guaranteed for all tiles, ensuring a perfect fit

- company specilaize in thicker ceramics (9mm and more) in order to support a high mechanical resistance

- limited production of a certain styles

Below you can find just some samples of the tiles that CAS produces. Please request a full catalog with over 100 different styles, colours and different sizes and formats.