Don Jacobo

Don Jacobo by Bodegas Coral - another partner of Iberica Export, and is also located in the center of Rioja (particularly in Rioja Alta), just a few km from Logrono - a so-called ''capital'' of this wine region. Bodegas Corral owne about 40hectares of wineyards. Personal and total control over the quality and selection of the best grapes, grown in Rioja Alta - is an important step to produce great wines with originality and of supreme quality, characterised by modern and fruity style. It is achieved by a combination of perfcet balance between the rich fruit and the contribution of delicate vanilla oak.

The team of wine growers and viticulturalists know how to obtain the most appreciated qualities due to the precise and constant supervision to the grapes, the pruning, the soil, the treatment, the flowering and the development of the grapes themselves, until the harvest arrives and all their efforts are compensated by exceptional fruit.

Bodegas Corral using various types of grapes to ensure the rich taste, and best aroma flavours. Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mazuelo and Graciano for the Red wines and Viura and Malvasia for the White wines. But overall, it is the Tempranillo grape which deserves special attention, since it is undoubtly the supreme variety in Rioja. Tempranillo produces wines with moderate alcoholic degree and acidity, open to the palate and ability to age particulary well, as it does not loose its freshness.


Obviously the harvest conditions are paramount and the characteristics of the vintages are always individual. Nonetheless, the wines from Bodegas Corral always possess certain characteristics of aroma, body, fragance and colour, which define an original and distinct personality.

The lighter Red wines from Bodegas Corral are classic, with vivacious red colour, penetrating aroma, being fresh and light on the palate. 

The full bodied Reserva and Gran Reserva Red wines have more colour, aroma and acidity and a higher alcoholic degree. They are altogether more subtle and show a degree of fineness, which characterizes them as true great wines.  

The White wines have a yellow green colour, and are fruity and light bodied.

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