One of the parthers of Iberica Export in wine selling, is Empordàlia  - a winery, that was founded in 1947, and possess a perfect set of skills and experience, which is necessary to produce unique wines and olive oils - and they have been doing it for generations. Commitment of Empordalia is quite simple - it's a combination of tradition and quality in every bottle. Empordalia - is a big family, that works hard the vinyards just as there grandparents and great-grandparents, with respect for the land, true to our values, and carrying forward the tradition, for the benefit of future generations. 

Bodega Empordalia located in the north-east of Spain, sheltered by the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean sea and surrounded by 3 nature parks: Albera Massif, the Cap de Creus natural Park and the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà Natural park. The climate in the region is Mediterranean with long hours of sunshine and very occasional rainfall with the strong northerly Tramontane wind. The soil is poor, made up of slate and granite, ideal for producing quality wines.

The elaboration of our wines with the native varieties of our land is one of their core values: White Grenache and Macabeo for the white wines, Grenache and Carignan for the reds, and Grey Grenache and Muscat of Alexandria for our sweet wines. Old vines of an excellent, unique quality, with limited production. New vines, more adaptable and generous, with surprising nuances.”

Please read more about Empordalia wines, grape types and numerous awards that Empordalia winery received throughout the years.


Below you will find a detail description on type of grapes, tasting, gastronomy, vineyard, production and other technical characteristics of each wine in particular. Available in large quantities throughout the year.