Iberica Export

Iberica Export - is a company, that specializes on wholesale export of Spanish goods and directly from the country to different destinations around the world. We are based locally in Spain, with an office in Barcelona. We export  wine, olive olive, ceramics, cheeses and many other products from Spain to abroad. Our company delivers in any quantities, starting from pallet. 

Why to choose us? We know local markets very well, and depending on your request, can offer you the perfect quality-price ratio. We work close with transportation, insurance, and custom brokerage companies to make sure your order delivered effectlively, safe and fast and with no hussle crossing the borders. We know legislation, customs, mentality and other nuances of exporting, which in Spain are many. 

Whom we are the best for? Import companies around the world, hotels and restaurant chains, food chains, retail stores. We deliver to European Union, Russia, China, India, Singapure, Japan, USA, Australia. If goods can be delivered to your country - we will do it. 

Below is the list of the companies we are working with, including online catalogs (and we have more off-line options). In case you want any specific product but do not see it on our website - please talk to us. If it exists on the market, we'll get it and offer you the best deal possible. 

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