Spain has over over 1.17 million hectares planted for wine production, which makes country the most widely planted wine producing nation in the world, and is constantly in top three of world-largest producers (along with France and Italy).

All regions here produce wine, in fact 15.5% of the world vineyards are in Spain, making this country the number one in the world in terms of area covered by vineyards.

Spain also is the top wine exporter in the world.

Main sorts of grapes, used in Spain: Tempranillo, Garnacha, Monastrell, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot - for red wines, and Verdejo, Albarino, Godello, Palomino, Airen, Viura, Txakolina - for the white wines.

Iberica Export offers very different types of wine, in each of the classification groups below.

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Premium wines (D.O.C.)

The D.O.C. designation - Denominación de Origen Calificada - is the top rank of classifications for Spanish wine regions, a record of consistant high quality. Only two regions possess it: Rioja and Priorat. Wines, produced in these regions, are strictly controlled at all stages of production, from planting the grapes till bottling, and meet the strict laws and requirements set up by ruling Spanish authorities for top-notch wines. 

We offer many different Rioja and Priorat brands, from different wineries, large and small. Prices start at 2.99 euro per bottle. 

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High Quality wines (D.O.)

D.O. - denominacion de origin, the mainstay of Spain's wine quality control system. Each region is governed by a consejo regulardor, which decides on the boundaries of the region, permitted varietals, maximum yields, limits of alcoholic strength and other quality standards or production limitations pertaining to the zone. There are 66 wine regions with this status. Nearly two thirds of the total vineyard area in Spain is within the boundaries of a D.O. region.

Basically, D.O - is a wine of an excellent quality, and we offer numerous brands and options, of such wine, from all over Spain. Starting price: 1,30 euro per bottle


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Country wines (VdlT, I.G.P.)

VdlT – vino de la tierra (''wine of the land'', or ''country wine''), - a decent-level regional wine that conforms to local norms without qualifying for DO status. Ranks below D.O., but represents a higher quality than table wine. Aslo, by European standards, referred as I.G.P. It is similar to vin de pays in France. The labels of vino de la tierra wines are allowed to state the year of vintage and the grape varieties used in production.

There are many I.G.P. wines that we offer. Price starts ar 1,10 euro per bottle. 

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Table wines (VdM)

Vino de Mesa (VdM) - These are wines that are the equivalent of most country's table wines and are made from unclassified vineyards or grapes. Some Spanish winemakers will intentionally declassify their wines so that they have greater flexibility in blending and winemaking methods. This is the cheapest wine on a market, and but no means it means ''bad'', simply that this wine can not be classified under other categories. 

Price starts with 0,89 euro per bottle.

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Bag-in-Box wine (BIB)

Bag-in-Box wine is a other format of wine packaging, has seen a rapid increase in popularity in recent years. The specific system keeps the product with all its properties until completely emptied, preventing the entry of air and preserving the content of the action of light.

Iberica Export offers a solid young wine in this format, both red and white. This product is perfect for families gatherings and friends reunions. 

Availible in 3 and 5L formats. 

Price per liter starts at 0,88 euro 

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Sparkling wines

We offer choice of Spanish sparkling wines. Sparkling wine is a semi-sweet low alcogolic wine (just 7%). The residual sugar is obtained by stopping the fermentation at an optimal point.This type of wine is the same as Champagne in France and Prosecco in Italia. The wine is very pleasant and easy to drink, with soft creamy bubbles, it captivates with its fresh aroma, brilliant color and refreshing taste. It is an elegant sparkling drink for anytime, especially perfect for parties and all sorts of celebrations.

In our case the sparkling wine is a blend of Verdejo (90%) and Moscatel (10%) grapes.

Price starts at 1,89 euro per bottle. 

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Organic wines

Here we present our ecological wine (ECO) from Castilla La Mancha zone, which is the largest wine region in Spain. Ecological wines means strict control and assures that no pesticides and chemicals add-ons being used. 

Our organic wine is rich and smooth, but inexpensive wines. This choice has an excellent quality/price ratio. Wines are ''young'', which means embottling right after fermentation process, with no holding them in the oak barrels. 

The wine is made from organic grapes. A strict control over the whole process from planting, carrying and harvesting grapes to the bottleing line let us guarantee the ecological background of this wine.

Wine is available in two different forms: bottle of 750ml and cartoon box of 3L (''bag in box'').

Price starts at 1,79 euro per bottle. 


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Cooking Wines

Cooking wines created specifically and to serve the only purpose: to be added to different kinds of food, while cookig. Main difference from a regular wine - there are a bit more add-ons to the wine (salt, etc) for more flavour and better taste of foor. There are 3 different options for cooking wines that we offer:

1) D.O.P crianza monovarietal high quality white wine of 14,5%

2) Crianza, monovarietal low in alcohol wine, 11,5%.

1) High quality Crianza monovarietal sweet red wine of 15,5%