The word ''vinegar'' comes form the French term “vin aigre” which means ''sour wine''. It’s made by fermenting alcohol which can come from a variety of sources. In Spain it's mainly fruits such as apples (used to make cider) and grapes (used to make wine).

It is logical, that if Spain is famous for it's wine (and being the largest exporter of it), it will also be famous for it's vinegars, producing it in the enourmous quantities.

Iberica Export offers different kinds of Spanish vinegar.

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Red & White Wine Vinegar

Red and white wine vinegars are by far the most popular types of vinegar in Spain. It has numerous benefits for the health: it reported to help lose weight, has digestive benefits, contains antioxidants, may positively impact on blood pressure, lowers blood-sugar levels and has anti-microbial properties. It is very effective at preventing bacterial food poisoning and killing harmful bacteria. Also, there is even evidence that acetic acid can kill highly drug-resistant infections.

Red and white wine vinegar widely produced all over Spain Iberica Export offers different brands of it. 

 Formats: 125ml, 250ml and 500ml.



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Apple Vinegar (filtered or non-filtered, ''bragg'')

Apple cider vinegar is very popular in Spain. It is claimed to lead to all sorts of benefits, including weight loss and reduced cholesterol. It is high in acetic acid, lowers blood sugar levels and fights diabetes, helps to lose weight and reduces belly fat, also improves heart health, also may have protective effects against cancer.

Apple vinegar in Spain mainly produced in Asturias, Cantabria and Pais Basco. Iberica Export offers both filtered and non-filtered, non-pasteurized (bragg) types. 

Formats: 250ml and 500ml.

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Gourmet infused vinegars

Our gourmet vinegars are designed to be used at the end of cooking to dress garnish and season food, they are also the perfect salad dressing. The gourmet vinegars with a slightly thicker consistency, rich natural fresh flavor, vibrant color and just enough sweetness to balance the acidity. 

Iberica Export offers various gourmet vinegars with different infusions: balsamic, strawberry, orange, lemon, truffle, peppermint.

Formats: 250ml