Olimpo - is a group of the companies, located in province of Albacete (main production) and Jaen. It specialized on producing olive oils and canned olives and pickles (apart of this, company have the lines of cheeses, vinegars and wines). The long tradition, experience and history (company operates from 1954)  in olive sector assure high quality and know-how. Olimpo's olive oils are obtained from various Spanish regions, but mainly from Castilla La Mancha. The carefully selection is to produce excellent extra virgin olive oils. Besides those, Olimpo bottles and commercializes other vegetable oils, such as sunflower oil and seeds oils.


The facilities of the company include 24 tanks (of 15.000 and 40.000kg capacity) that allow to store more than 1 million kg of oil and thus, to separate it by types and qualities of oil, also to make different blends. To improve the process of conservation and to avoid oxidation of oil, the special deposit room with Nitrogen and biomass (from olive pits) air conditioning - is used.


The bottling consist of three bottling lines, all controlled automatically, independent from the rest of areas, with air conditioning sector and application of nitrogen once the bottling process is completed. The storage room has a capacity of 400.000 litres of final product, ordered and stored on shelves.


Company has implemented the quality management of ISO 9001 and environmental management of ISO 14001.


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