La Bella Española

La Bella Española - is a top quality brand of olive oil, that was born in a priviledged environment in the heart of Tarragona, in the north-east of Spain. Iberica Export provides the possibility to export this exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fruity and aromatic. Its quality is certified under the protected denomination of SIURANA - one of the first denominations of origin, recognized in Spain. La Bella Española is one of the best Extra Virgin olive oils on the market today. The company has developed a variety of products to satisfy the different needs of each customer. Options of olives oils with thyme, basil, chile and garlic are perfectly available.  La Bella Española is also the official supplier of  olive oil for one of the most famous football clubs - FC Barcelona.

Details of production:

- oil obtained in the first pressing by mechanical means with a temperature no higher than 27º

- four hours in continuous process is the average time since the olive entry to the mill to its transition to Extra Virgin Olive Oil

- only 0,2% of oxidity. Process from healthy fruits and fully optimized manufacturing process 

Please see below for more details, looks and specifications: