Amezola - is a winery, which belongs to the Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin - which is, basically, a trademark, a quality sign, confirming the wine to be one of the finest (as Rioja - considered one of the most famous wine land productions in the world). Winery located in the foothils of Sierra de Cantabria , in the wine area called ''Rioja Alta'' (High Rioja). The type of soil is clayey and liming, with a high accidity and an intense colour, perfect for for the ageing in barrels. 

The winery is of a traditional and modern character. Professional, dynamic and young team inherits the knowledge from the previous generations and combines it with new trands of the wine making industry to create a perfect product. 

More facts about the process:

- the harvest is made plot by plot, by choosing the most adequate grapes, which later get stored in boxes and conveyed straight into winery.

- after arrival to winery, grapes are selected again one by one on the selection table.

- then the pressing it is distributed in the stainless steel vats, for the fermentation processes.

- after, wines are undergoing an ageing process. For months they are kept in French Oak (40%), and American oak (60%) barrels, where wines aquire diverse touches and tastes, which enrich them and provide them with complexity. 

- wines are aged in those oak barrles for 8 months to 3 or 4 years, and an evolution of process is closed monitered by oenological (wine production experts) team.

More facts about winery:

- 60 Hectares of wineyards

- 37 year old wineyards

- 300000 liters of wine produced in a year 

- 7000 sq meters of installations

- 20 stainless steel vats

- 960 American oak casks, 640 French oak casks

Here is more information about the specific wine we produce: